THE TWELVE by Justin Cronin

THE TWELVE Justin Cronin ( Orion Books ( £20.00 Released: 25th October 2012 One [book] that doesn’t appear here is Justin Cronin’s forthcoming novel, The Passage. This epic vampire novel won’t be out until summer 2010, but you’ll want to mark your calendar. Take it from Uncle Stevie, this is your basic don’t-miss reading experience. […]

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RAILSEA by China Miéville

RAILSEA China Miéville ( Macmillan ( £17.99 China Miéville’s latest novel, Railsea, takes us to a strange new world, and introduces us to Sham ap Soorap, a young boy working as an apprentice doctor aboard a moletrain. In the course of a moldywarpe hunt, the crew come across a wrecked train, and Sham discovers a […]

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THE KEY by Simon Toyne

THE KEY Simon Toyne ( HarperCollins ( £12.99 Released: 12th April 2012 Regular visitors may remember that around this time last year, I reviewed Simon Toyne’s debut novel, the wonderful thriller, Sanctus. I liked it so much that it ended up on my best of the year list. So it was with that all-too-familiar mix […]

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ANGELMAKER by Nick Harkaway

ANGELMAKER Nick Harkaway ( William Heinemann ( £12.99 Every so often, I run across a book that catches me completely by surprise; a book that I picked up on a whim, having never heard of it before, that strikes a chord and immediately becomes a firm favourite. Nick Harkaway’s first novel, The Gone-Away World, was […]

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ALTAR OF BONES by Philip Carter

ALTAR OF BONES Philip Carter Simon & Schuster ( £12.99 Thrillers and I have had something of a rocky relationship this year, going from one extreme (The Obelisk) to the other (Sanctus). Philip Carter’s Altar of Bones, I’ll say right at the outset, comes somewhere close to the Sanctus end of the spectrum. Carter is, […]

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THE MAP OF TIME by Felix Palma

THE MAP OF TIME Felix Palma Translated by Nick Caistor HarperCollins ( £12.99 Released: 9 June 2011 I’m a big fan of fiction that uses actual historical figures or events as part of its fabric. Fiction like Caleb Carr’s The Alienist or Matthew Pearl’s The Dante Club. So, I was excited when Felix Palma’s The […]

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THE OBELISK by Howard Gordon

THE OBELISK Howard Gordon ( Simon & Schuster ( £12.99 Here’s a good concept for one of those rollercoaster-ride thrillers that I like to read from time to time, the type of book that doesn’t require much concentration, but delivers entertainment by the bucketful: Gideon Davis is a peacemaker, a man working for the US […]

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THE BREACH by Patrick Lee

The Breach Patrick Lee ( HarperCollins ( £6.99 There are authors I read because I thoroughly enjoy their work, and they provide me with meaty substance that keeps me reading for days or weeks. There are other authors whose work I enjoy, but for an entirely different reason: they give me a sense of escapism, […]

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