THE FALL OF KOLI (The Rampart Trilogy, Book 3) M. R. Carey Orbit Books ( £9.99 And so Koli Faceless – who we’ve known by many names over the course of his tale: Woodsmith, Rampart, Witless – and his friends come to the source of the broadcast claiming to be the Sword of Albion. From […]

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INSCAPE by Louise Carey

INSCAPE Louise Carey( Gollancz ( £14.99 In the future, London is run by giant corporations. Less like a city and more like a series of campuses, everyone who lives in the city is affiliated with one “Corp” or other, while those who live outside in the Unaffiliated Zone are seen as outcasts at best, dangerous […]

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LIGHT OF THE JEDI by Charles Soule

LIGHT OF THE JEDI (Star Wars: The High Republic) Charles Soule ( Del Rey ( £20.00 An unheard-of tragedy in hyperspace destroys a starship carrying thousands of Republic citizens to their new homes in the Outer Rim, and raining deadly shrapnel on various star systems. As the Republic and the Jedi struggle to stop these […]

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Guest Post: Finishing the SALVATION SEQUENCE by Peter F. Hamilton

THE SAINTS OF SALVATION Peter F. Hamilton ( Pan Mac ( £20.00 The fine people at Macmillan have asked me to say a few words about the experience of writing Saints of Salvation. And I hope you’ve been enjoying the series so far too! So after publishing over twenty books, I still find finishing a […]

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ATTACK SURFACE by Cory Doctorow

Masha Maximow knows technology, and the many ways it can be used to invade a person’s privacy. And she should: she’s being paid big money to implement technology for just those reasons for all sorts of nefarious end-users, currently the right-wing government of the former Soviet republic of Slovstakia, who are using it to keep […]

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THE BOOK OF KOLI (THE RAMPART TRILOGY BOOK 1) M.R. Carey Orbit Books ( £8.99 In the distant future, the world has been ravaged by climate change and generations of genetically modified flora and fauna have begun to fight back. The remainder of the human population survive in walled villages, cut off from each other […]

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THE GOD GAME by Danny Tobey

THE GOD GAME Danny Tobey ( Gollancz ( £16.99 Charlie and his friends are high-school misfits. Nerds and losers, the group of five friends call themselves the Vindicators, and spend most of their free time in the school’s Tech Lab, coding and building robots. Charlie, once a star student, has let his work suffer following […]

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