DEEP DOWN DEAD by Steph Broadribb

DEEP DOWN DEAD Steph Broadribb ( Orenda Books ( £8.99 Against her better judgement, bounty hunter Lori Anderson takes the only job Quinn can offer. Overdue rent and sky-high medical bills conspire to leave her with no choice. The fugitive? Robert “JT” Tate, Lori’s former lover and mentor, a man now involved in a child […]

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The Best Writers Are Onion Peelers by MICHAEL GROTHAUS

Name: MICHAEL GROTHAUS Author of: EPIPHANY JONES (2016) On the web: On Twitter: @michaelgrothaus Epiphany Jones, I’ve been told, is hard to categorize. When I ask people who have read it what kind of book they think it is they’ve replied “psychological thriller”, “literary fiction”, “crime”, “social satire”, “dark comedy”, “transgressive fiction”, and “a […]

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EPIPHANY JONES by Michael Grothaus

EPIPHANY JONES Michael Grothaus ( Orenda Books ( £8.99 Tonight I’m having sex with Audrey Hepburn. Jerry Dresden is something of a loner. Obsessed with sex and celebrity – and, very often, both at the same time – he spends his days working at the Art Institute of Chicago, and his nights in front of […]

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NIGHTBLIND by Ragnar Jónasson

NIGHTBLIND Ragnar Jónasson ( Translated by Quentin Bates ( Orenda Books ( £8.99 The violent death of Siglufjördur’s police inspector heralds a new age for the small northern Icelandic town. There are rumours of drug deals gone bad, police corruption and the involvement of the town’s mayor and deputy mayor. Ari Thór Arason, Siglufjördur’s remaining […]

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