SOLOMON CREED by Simon Toyne

SOLOMON CREED Simon Toyne ( HarperCollins ( £19.99 A small aircraft crashes in the desert outside the small Arizona town of Redemption. One man walks away from the wreckage, though he is unsure of whether he was actually on the plane. He is, in fact, unsure of anything, his mind wiped clean, his knowledge of […]

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THE FIRST STONE by Elliott Hall

THE FIRST STONE Elliott Hall ( John Murray ( £7.99 Elliott Hall’s 2009 debut novel, and the first in his Felix Strange trilogy, The First Stone, is the subject of the latest Hodderscape Review Project. Don’t forget to check out the thoughts of my fellow reviewers, to which you’ll find links on the Hodderscape website. […]

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LAGOON by Nnedi Okorafor

LAGOON Nnedi Okorafor ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £13.99 Lagos, Nigeria. Three strangers meet three yards from the sea on the city’s Bar Beach late on a January evening: Adaora, a marine biologist who lives in the affluent part of town; Agu, a soldier whose moral compass has earned him a beating from his colleagues […]

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SAVE YOURSELF by Kelly Braffet

SAVE YOURSELF Kelly Braffet ( Corvus ( £12.99 When Patrick Cusimano’s father kills a child while driving drunk, Patrick calls the police. The "right thing", morally, isn’t necessarily the right thing for the Cusimano family, and Patrick’s older brother Mike resents him for it. Layla and Verna Elshere are the daughters of a preacher; Layla […]

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THE TESTIMONY by James Smythe

THE TESTIMONY James Smythe ( Blue Door Books (…/blue-door) £12.99 At first, we thought the noise was just a radio. Suddenly, the whole world is filled with static and, as it dies away, the words My Children. No-one has any idea where the noise has come from, or to whom the voice belongs. Hours later, […]

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SANCTUS by Simon Toyne

Sanctus Simon Toyne ( HarperCollins ( £12.99 Released: 14 April 2011 Welcome to Ruin in Southern Turkey. Home of the Citadel, a thousand-foot-high black mountain that houses a secretive holy order, around which the city has grown, and which is the most-visited historical site on the planet. The monks within the mountain serve a single […]

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