‘SALEM’S LOT by Stephen King

‘SALEM’S LOT Stephen King (stephenking.com) Hodder & Stoughton (hodder.co.uk) £9.99 This review/essay originally appeared as part of the King For A Year project, and appears here in its original form, by permission. …the Lot’s knowledge of the country’s torment was academic. Time went on a different schedule there. Nothing too nasty could happen in such […]

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THE CITY OF MIRRORS by Justin Cronin

THE CITY OF MIRRORS Justin Cronin (enterthepassage.com) Orion Books (www.orionbooks.co.uk) £20.00 The Twelve have been defeated and with them, the hordes of virals that sprung from their bloodlines. Amy is gone and Alicia has fled into the wilderness, her infection forcing her to seek isolation. As the years pass, the people of Kerrville grow complacent: […]

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MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD by Charlaine Harris

MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD Charlaine Harris (charlaineharris.com) Gollancz (www.gollancz.co.uk) £18.99 You might pass through the town of Midnight without noticing it, if it weren’t for the stoplight at the intersection of Witch Light Road and the Davy highway. Most of the town residents are very proud of the stoplight, because they know that without it the town […]

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GUEST POST: Justin Cronin Reads from THE TWELVE (Video)

Photograph © Julie Soefer Name: JUSTIN CRONIN Author of: A SHORT HISTORY OF THE LONG BALL (1990)                  MARY AND O’NEIL (2001)                  THE SUMMER GUEST (2004)                  THE PASSAGE (2010)                  THE TWELVE (2012) On the web: enterthepassage.com On Twitter: @jccronin I’m very pleased to welcome Justin Cronin to Reader Dad today. Cronin’s breakthrough […]

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THE TWELVE by Justin Cronin

THE TWELVE Justin Cronin (enterthepassage.com) Orion Books (www.orionbooks.co.uk) £20.00 Released: 25th October 2012 One [book] that doesn’t appear here is Justin Cronin’s forthcoming novel, The Passage. This epic vampire novel won’t be out until summer 2010, but you’ll want to mark your calendar. Take it from Uncle Stevie, this is your basic don’t-miss reading experience. […]

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ANNO DRACULA by Kim Newman

ANNO DRACULA Kim Newman (www.johnnyalucard.com) Titan Books (titanbooks.com) £7.99 Is there a more interesting and populated place and time in recent history than London in the twilight years of the nineteenth century? Peopled by a huge cast of people real and fictional, it is a location and period ripe with opportunity and ideas for any […]

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