An Interview with OWEN LAUKKANEN

Name: OWEN LAUKKANEN Author of: THE PROFESSIONALS (2014)                  CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE (2014)                  KILL FEE (2015)                  THE STOLEN ONES (Forthcoming, May 2015) Owen Laukkanen graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Creative Writing program before spending three years as a reporter in the world of professional poker. He lives in Vancouver, where he writes […]

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KILL FEE by Owen Laukkanen

KILL FEE Owen Laukkanen ( Corvus ( 7.99 The billionaire picked a heck of a day to die. One of Minnesota’s richest men is gunned down in the driveway of the Saint Paul Hotel, in downtown Saint Paul, less than a hundred yards from where Kirk Stevens and Carla Windermere are sitting on a bench, […]

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The 2014 Round-Up

As another year draws to a close, it’s time for my annual retrospective of what’s gone on at Reader Dad. There’s a lot to cover this year, so without further ado… THE ROUND-UP As the reading year closes, I have read 65 books this year, more than every year except last year, but I had […]

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THE PROFESSIONALS Owen Laukkanen ( Corvus ( £7.99 In the beginning, the whole thing had been Marie’s idea. It had started as a joke, some throwaway line spouted off one rainy night in Seattle, the gang holed up at Sawyer’s place bitching about the job market over cheap beer and pizza, scholarships almost gone and […]

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THE UNDERTAKING Audrey Magee ( Atlantic Books ( £12.99 In order to temporarily escape the madness of the Eastern Front, German soldier Peter Faber turns to marriage. It is a marriage of convenience, the bride one Katharina Spinell, chosen from a catalogue, a girl he has never met. The benefits are mutual: ten days’ honeymoon […]

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EAST OF INNOCENCE David Thorne Corvus ( £12.99 It’s an old joke, well-worn. What’s the difference between God and a lawyer? The man sitting across the desk from me, eyes fixed on my face, doesn’t look like he’d appreciate the punch line. Daniel Connell, son of an Essex hard-man, is a big-time lawyer fallen on […]

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SAVE YOURSELF by Kelly Braffet

SAVE YOURSELF Kelly Braffet ( Corvus ( £12.99 When Patrick Cusimano’s father kills a child while driving drunk, Patrick calls the police. The "right thing", morally, isn’t necessarily the right thing for the Cusimano family, and Patrick’s older brother Mike resents him for it. Layla and Verna Elshere are the daughters of a preacher; Layla […]

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NO WAY BACK by Matthew Klein

NO WAY BACK Matthew Klein ( Corvus ( £12.99 Jim Thane is a restart executive, a Silicon Valley veteran who specialises in taking on failing companies and turning them around, making them profitable. Jim’s latest assignment has taken him to the oppressive heat of Florida, where Tao Software needs his specialist skills. Within days, Jim […]

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ALIF THE UNSEEN by G. Willow Wilson

ALIF THE UNSEEN G. Willow Wilson ( Corvus Books ( £12.99 Released: 1st September 2012 Get your pen and paper, it said. I will tell you the final story. It comes with a warning. “What’s that?” When you hear it, you will become someone else. From time to time I’ll start reading a book and […]

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