THOSE ABOVE by Daniel Polansky

THOSE ABOVE (The Empty Throne Book 1) Daniel Polansky ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £18.99 It is almost thirty years since the war between mankind and Those Above, the godlike creatures who live at the top of the great mountain city, The Roost. Now, as the warlike Aelerian people contemplate breaking the truce that has […]

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THE ABDUCTION by Jonathan Holt

THE ABDUCTION Jonathan Holt ( Head of Zeus ( £12.99   WALL STANDING IS NOT TORTURE. AT 9 P.M. THIS EVENING, SHE WILL NOT BE TORTURED. WATCH IT LIVE ON CARNIVIA. When the teenage daughter of a high-ranking US soldier is abducted from one of Venice’s sex clubs, it seems that the protesters against the […]

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Name: DAVID BALDACCI Author of: ZERO DAY (2011)                  THE FORGOTTEN (2012)                  THE ESCAPE (2014) On the web: On Twitter: @davidbaldacci To celebrate the launch of David Baldacci’s latest novel, The Escape, as well as the paperback publication of his fourth Will Robie novel, The Target, we’re very pleased to welcome the author […]

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BARRICADE by Jon Wallace

BARRICADE Jon Wallace ( Gollancz ( £14.99 In the near future, humans create the Ficials, an engineered race of post-humans who are designed – optimised – for specific tasks, and who are virtually indestructible. Under the central command of Control, the Ficials rise against their human creators, and begin a country-wide cull. Following a nuclear […]

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GUEST POST: Four Methods of Travel in BARRICADE: Kenstibec’s Guide by JON WALLACE

Name: JON WALLACE Author of: BARRICADE (2014) On the web: On Twitter: @Jon__Wallace Kenstibec is the main character in Barricade. He is a member of the ‘Ficial’ race, a breed of merciless super-humans optimised for soldiering, engineering and other vital roles. They fought a war against humanity and turned Britain into a wasteland. Now […]

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THE KILLING SEASON Mason Cross ( Orion ( £12.99 The first thing you should know about me is that my name is not Carter Blake. That name no more belonged to me than the hotel room I was occupying when the call came in. Caleb Wardell killed nineteen people with a sniper rifle before he […]

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THE UNDERTAKING Audrey Magee ( Atlantic Books ( £12.99 In order to temporarily escape the madness of the Eastern Front, German soldier Peter Faber turns to marriage. It is a marriage of convenience, the bride one Katharina Spinell, chosen from a catalogue, a girl he has never met. The benefits are mutual: ten days’ honeymoon […]

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RED RISING by Pierce Brown

RED RISING Pierce Brown ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £12.99 I would have lived in peace. But my enemies brought me war. It is a world in which humanity has evolved into a colour-coded caste system, with Reds – manual labourers and menial workers – at the bottom, and the spoilt, rich Golds at the […]

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SEAL TEAM 666 by Weston Ochse

SEAL TEAM 666 Weston Ochse ( Titan Books ( £7.99 Four weeks from completion, Jack Walker is pulled from his Navy SEAL training on Coronado Island, and assigned to SEAL Team 666. Highly classified and known to only a few key people, the five-man team which specialises in operations against supernatural threats has just lost […]

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