THE NEWCOMER by Laura Elizabeth Woollett

THE NEWCOMER Laura Elizabeth Woollett ( Scribe ( £9.99 Paulina Novak is a “mainie”, a transplant from mainland Australia, trying to make a new life on small, idyllic Fairfolk Island. When Judy – Paulina’s mother – visits the island to celebrate her daughter’s 30th birthday, Paulina disappears. Judy isn’t particularly surprised, as their relationship has […]

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THE LOST MAN by Jane Harper

  THE LOST MAN Jane Harper ( Little Brown ( £12.99 Nathan and Bub Bright meet at the local landmark known as the stockman’s grave, where the body of their middle brother, Cameron, lies roasting in the sun. Evidence suggests that Cameron spent his last few hours on earth chasing the headstone’s shadow around in […]

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MINE by Susi Fox

MINE Susi Fox Penguin ( £7.99 Sasha Moloney awakens from a general anaesthetic to discover that she has delivered a baby boy – not the girl she was convinced she was having – by caesarean section almost a month early. It takes a single glance at the child in the nursery to convince Sasha that […]

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LONG DARK DUSK (Book 2 of the Australia Trilogy) JP Smythe ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £13.99 Months after the events that brought her and her companions to Earth, Chan Aitch is living in a shanty town built against the inner surface of the wall that now surrounds Washington, D.C. She has, so far, managed […]

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WAY DOWN DARK by J. P. Smythe

WAY DOWN DARK (Book 1 of The Australia Trilogy) J. P. Smythe ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £13.99 When Chan Aitch’s mother dies, she leaves a gaping hole in the so-called power structure aboard the Australia. Chan is left to pick up the pieces, and attempt to defend the part of the ship previously controlled […]

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