EPIPHANY JONES by Michael Grothaus

EPIPHANY JONES Michael Grothaus (www.michaelgrothaus.com) Orenda Books (orendabooks.co.uk) £8.99 Tonight I’m having sex with Audrey Hepburn. Jerry Dresden is something of a loner. Obsessed with sex and celebrity – and, very often, both at the same time – he spends his days working at the Art Institute of Chicago, and his nights in front of […]

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DUST AND DESIRE by Conrad Williams

DUST AND DESIRE (A Joel Sorrell Novel) Conrad Williams (conradwilliams.wordpress.com) Titan Books (titanbooks.com) £7.99 London-based private investigator Joel Sorrell has gotten himself entangled in a most bizarre missing person case. Hired to look into the disappearance of his client’s brother, Sorrell begins to believe that he may be on a wild goose chase, especially when […]

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GATOR BAIT by Adam Howe

GATOR BAIT Adam Howe Comet Press (www.cometpress.us) Currently Free on Kindle I fled the city: Two fingers short and sworn off dames for life. Hammond is on the run; after a serious beating by the latest in a long line of cuckolds, he is two fingers short, and with a man’s death on his almost […]

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An Interview with KARIM MISKÉ

Name: KARIM MISKÉ Author of: ARAB JAZZ (2015) On the web: karimmiske.com On Twitter: @KarimMiske Karim Miské is a documentary-maker, restaurateur and television script-writer who lives and works in Paris. Arab Jazz is his first novel. Thank you, Karim, for taking the time to chat with us. The title of your novel is a riff […]

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ARAB JAZZ by Karim Miské

ARAB JAZZ Karim Miské (karimmiske.com) Translated by Sam Gordon (www.sglanguages.com) MacLehose Press (maclehosepress.com) £16.99 And so it is in the Valetta of Paris, 75019, that he feels the first drop on his upturned face, his half-closed eyes gazing up at the sky. The second comes crashing down onto the gleaming sleeve of his djellaba, a […]

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A MAN LIES DREAMING Lavie Tidhar (lavietidhar.wordpress.com) Hodder & Stoughton (www.hodder.co.uk) £18.99 In another time and place, a man lies dreaming. National Socialism is routed at the 1933 elections by Communism, and its leadership exiled from Germany. Sentenced to a concentration camp, Adolf Hitler escapes and makes his way to London where, under his old […]

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THE DEATH HOUSE by Sarah Pinborough

THE DEATH HOUSE Sarah Pinborough (sarahpinborough.com) Gollancz (www.gollancz.co.uk) £14.99 Released on 26th February 2015 Toby is a Defective. When the results of a blood test announce his death sentence he finds himself taken forcibly from his family and transported to an old manor house on a remote island in the far north. Toby is not […]

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PERFIDIA by James Ellroy

PERFIDIA James Ellroy (jamesellroy.net) William Heinemann (www.randomhouse.co.uk/…/william-heinemann) £18.99 December 6th, 1941: four members of a Japanese family living in Los Angeles are found dead in their home in what, at first glance, appears to be a ritual Japanese suicide. Hideo Ashida, the only Japanese employee of the Los Angeles Police Department, finds evidence that suggests […]

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THE HOUSE ON THE HILL by Kevin Sampson

THE HOUSE ON THE HILL Kevin Sampson Jonathan Cape (www.randomhouse.co.uk/about-us/about-us/…/jonathan-cape) £14.99 Still on extended leave following the Rozaki case, DCI Billy McCartney is surprised when a girl barely out of her teens turns up on his doorstep and claims to be the daughter of Moroccan drug magnate Hassan El Glaoui. The girl’s appearance, and cry […]

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THE FIRST STONE by Elliott Hall

THE FIRST STONE Elliott Hall (elliott-hall.co.uk) John Murray (www.johnmurray.co.uk) £7.99 Elliott Hall’s 2009 debut novel, and the first in his Felix Strange trilogy, The First Stone, is the subject of the latest Hodderscape Review Project. Don’t forget to check out the thoughts of my fellow reviewers, to which you’ll find links on the Hodderscape website. […]

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