INHUMAN RESOURCES by Pierre Lemaitre

INHUMAN RESOURCES Pierre Lemaitre Translated by Sam Gordon MacLehose Press ( £16.99 At the age of fifty-seven, HR manager Alain Delambre finds himself more on less on life’s scrapheap: made redundant four years previously, Alain has struggled to find suitable work in an extremely competitive market, taking whatever work comes his way so that he […]

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INFLUENCES: Murder Down a Dark Alleyway by TOM CALLAGHAN

Name: TOM CALLAGHAN Author of: A KILLING WINTER (2015)                     A SPRING BETRAYAL (2016)                     A SUMMER REVENGE (2017)                     A WINTER HUNTING (2018) On the web: On Twitter: @tomcwriter I’ve always been a voracious reader, and an indiscriminate one. My bookshelves are like a party where no-one knows anyone else and wonders if […]

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IN THE DARK by Cara Hunter

IN THE DARK Cara Hunter Viking ( £7.99 A crumbling wall leads to a gruesome discovery for a home renovator when he discovers that a young woman and a toddler are trapped in a dark room in the basement of the house next door. The old man who lives in the house, despite his belligerence […]

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STICKS AND STONES Jo Jakeman ( Harvill Secker ( £12.99 Imogen Rochester is adapting to life as a single parent. Her ex-husband, Phillip, is not a nice man and Imogen is just glad that he’s no longer in the house with her and their young son, Alastair. Phillip, living in an ultra-modern barn conversion with […]

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THE DEATH OF MRS WESTAWAY Ruth Ware ( Harvill Secker ( £12.99 Harriet “Hal” Westaway earns her living by telling peoples’ fortunes in a small booth on Brighton’s West Pier. It’s a business she has inherited from her mother, who died just before Hal turned eighteen. Now twenty-one, Hal is struggling to pay the lease […]


THE BELOVEDS by Maureen Lindley

THE BELOVEDS Maureen Lindley ( Titan Books ( £7.99 Betty Stash is a woman for whom bad luck is the only luck. Her younger sister Gloria, on the other hand, is a Beloved, a person for whom everything falls just right and who, as the name suggests, is loved by everyone. When their mother dies, […]

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MINE by Susi Fox

MINE Susi Fox Penguin ( £7.99 Sasha Moloney awakens from a general anaesthetic to discover that she has delivered a baby boy – not the girl she was convinced she was having – by caesarean section almost a month early. It takes a single glance at the child in the nursery to convince Sasha that […]

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THE OUTSIDER by Stephen King

THE OUTSIDER Stephen King ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £20.00 When Frank Peterson’s young body is found, abused and mutilated, all of the eye-witnesses agree that the last time they saw him alive, he was with Terry Maitland, coach of Flint City, Oklahoma’s Little League team and all-round upstanding citizen. Forensic evidence also points to […]

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