FIRST BORN by Will Dean

FIRST BORN Will Dean Hodder & Stoughton ( £14.99 Buy a copy from your favourite independent bookshop Molly Raven lives her life assessing and avoiding risks wherever possible. One half of a pair of identical twins, Molly feels that she is the darker of the two, the twin who ended up with all of the […]

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THE DEFENCE by Steve Cavanagh

THE DEFENCE Steve Cavanagh ( Orion Books ( £12.99 “Do exactly as I tell you or I’ll put a bullet in your spine.” Pushing the gun hard into my back, he said, “I’ll follow you out of the bathroom. You’ll put on your coat. You’ll pay for breakfast, and we’ll leave together. We’re going to […]

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THE FIRST STONE by Elliott Hall

THE FIRST STONE Elliott Hall ( John Murray ( £7.99 Elliott Hall’s 2009 debut novel, and the first in his Felix Strange trilogy, The First Stone, is the subject of the latest Hodderscape Review Project. Don’t forget to check out the thoughts of my fellow reviewers, to which you’ll find links on the Hodderscape website. […]

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WE ARE HERE by Michael Marshall

WE ARE HERE Michael Marshall ( Orion Books ( £16.99 On a visit to New York to meet his publisher, David bumps into a man on the street – the sort of innocent collision that happens all the time on busy city pavements – who follows him back to Penn Station and confronts him. He […]

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GUN MACHINE by Warren Ellis

GUN MACHINE Warren Ellis ( Mulholland Books ( £13.99 On playing back the 911 recording, it’d seem that Mrs. Stegman was more concerned that the man outside her apartment door was naked than that he had a big shotgun. John Tallow is a New York City detective, riding on the coattails of his much more […]

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THE INQUISITOR by Mark Allen Smith

THE INQUISITOR Mark Allen Smith ( Simon & Schuster ( £12.99 Geiger is a man without a past; his life started with his arrival, several years before, in New York. Before that, a black hole. After chance leads him to the local Mafia boss, he decides to go into Information Retrieval – torturing subjects to […]

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