LOST YOU by Haylen Beck

LOST YOU Haylen Beck (www.haylenbeck.com) Harvill Secker (www.penguin.co.uk) £14.99 Libby has decided on a well-deserved holiday and finds herself, with her three-year-old son Ethan, relaxing by the many pools of a resort complex on Florida’s gulf coast. When she befriends a married couple, one of whom takes an immediate shine to the precocious Ethan, Libby […]

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GUEST POST: Mrs Danvers Reviews THE WINTERS by Lisa Gabriele

THE WINTERS Lisa Gabriele (www.lisagabriele.com) Harvill Secker (www.penguin.co.uk) £12.99 To celebrate the release of Lisa Gabriele’s modern-day reworking of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, Mrs Danvers the housekeeper of Manderley, has written a review of the book. For anyone who wants my opinion (and why would you, when you can have Mrs Danvers’), The Winters is […]

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STICKS AND STONES Jo Jakeman (www.jojakeman.com) Harvill Secker (www.penguinrandomhouse.co.uk) £12.99 Imogen Rochester is adapting to life as a single parent. Her ex-husband, Phillip, is not a nice man and Imogen is just glad that he’s no longer in the house with her and their young son, Alastair. Phillip, living in an ultra-modern barn conversion with […]

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THE DEATH OF MRS WESTAWAY Ruth Ware (www.ruthware.com) Harvill Secker (www.penguinrandomhouse.co.uk) £12.99 Harriet “Hal” Westaway earns her living by telling peoples’ fortunes in a small booth on Brighton’s West Pier. It’s a business she has inherited from her mother, who died just before Hal turned eighteen. Now twenty-one, Hal is struggling to pay the lease […]


The 2015 Round-Up

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to take a step back and reflect on the year that has been. As is now “traditional”, I’ll be using this post to talk about my favourite books of the year, but first a quick blast through some of the non-bookish stuff that happened in the past […]

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THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND by Stuart Neville

THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND Stuart Neville (www.stuartneville.com) Harvill Secker (www.vintage-books.co.uk) £12.99 Released: June 2015 After seven years served for the murder of his foster father, Ciaran Devine is released from the young offenders’ centre where he and his brother Thomas spent their teenage years. Probation Officer Paula Cunningham is assigned his case – a high-profile […]

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I AM RADAR by Reif Larsen

I AM RADAR Reif Larsen (reiflarsen.com) Harvill Secker (www.vintage-books.co.uk) £16.99 In April 1975, in New Jersey, Radar Radmanovic is born, a black child with white parents. While his father, Kermin, accepts the child’s “condition”, his mother, Charlene, is driven to discover some kind of cure. Her search leads the family to northern Norway and the […]

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The 2013 Round-Up

And so, once more, to the end of the year and the requisite retrospective of my reading habits over the past twelve months here at Reader Dad. Regular visitors and Twitter followers will know that 2013 has been a year full of ups and downs (more downs, unfortunately, than ups) for me, what with five […]

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