SHATTERMOON Dominic Dulley (dominicdulley.com) Jo Fletcher Books (www.jofletcherbooks.com) £16.99 MENDER Consciousness returned slowly. At first the familiar throb of a ship’s mass-inversion drive made Orry think she was in her cabin, but the smell wasn’t right. There was an antiseptic odour that brought to mind a hospital, but it was fighting with something earthier, a […]

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CORPSELIGHT by Angela Slatter

CORPSELIGHT Angela Slatter (www.angelaslatter.com) Jo Fletcher Books (www.jofletcherbooks.com) £13.99 Heavily pregnant, Verity Fassbinder has been side-lined by boss Zvezdomir “Bela” Tepes, which is how she ends up watching a young normal woman whose house is inundated with foul-smelling mud on a monthly basis. When people, both Weyrd and Normal, start to drown on dry land, […]

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VIGIL by Angela Slatter

VIGIL Angela Slatter (www.angelaslatter.com) Jo Fletcher Books (www.jofletcherbooks.com) £14.99 Verity Fassbinder’s background makes her the perfect peacekeeper in the Australian city of Brisbane. The product of a Normal mother and Weyrd father, Verity has access to both worlds despite her lack of Weyrd attributes. When a siren is murdered on the heels of Verity’s discovery […]

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The 2014 Round-Up

As another year draws to a close, it’s time for my annual retrospective of what’s gone on at Reader Dad. There’s a lot to cover this year, so without further ado… THE ROUND-UP As the reading year closes, I have read 65 books this year, more than every year except last year, but I had […]

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THE UNQUIET HOUSE by Alison Littlewood

THE UNQUIET HOUSE Alison Littlewood (www.alisonlittlewood.co.uk) Jo Fletcher Books (www.jofletcherbooks.com) £7.99 Eli, eli, lama sabachthani? It is love at first sight when Emma Dean first sets eyes on Mire House, which she has inherited from a distant, previously-unknown relative. She moves in and soon discovers there is more to the house than meets the eye: […]

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