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On April 1st, one short week from the date of posting, the first of our #CarrieAt40 posts will go live on the blog. We’ve already received some very exciting posts, and can’t wait to share them with the wider world. Below, you’ll find the schedule of posts. Dates may change as we get closer to the date, but the plan is to leave some space between posts to allow for the usual business of Reader Dad. The schedule will be updated as new posts are received, and links will be provided to individual posts as they become available on the site. If you’d like to browse the complete set of #CarrieAt40 posts at any given point in time, use this link.

We hope you’ll join us from April 1st to celebrate this very special anniversary.


  1. […] April 5th, 1974, forty years ago today, and in honour of the anniversary Matt Craig over at Reader Dad conceived the wonderful idea of a series of tributes and the simultaneous publishing of various […]

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  2. […] On Saturday it was the 40th anniversary of Stephen King’s iconic Carrie. Over the last few days and throughout this week, Reader Dad has been leading the celebrations with a series of features and reviews from authors and bloggers. There will be pieces from our very own John Connolly, Nnedi Okorafor and Sarah Lotz coming up, and you can view the full schedule here. […]

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