An Interview with K.J. Howe

Name: K.J. Howe Author of: THE FREEDOM BROKER (2017) On the web: On Twitter: @KJHoweAuthor KJ Howe is the Executive Director of Thillerfest and a three-time Daphne du Maurier winner. Thank you, Kim, for taking the time to chat with us. The Freedom Broker is a novel firmly set in the real-world. It feels like a […]

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THE FREEDOM BROKER K.J. Howe ( Headline ( £8.99 Eight-year-old Thea Paris watched as her older brother was kidnapped in front of her. Twenty years later, driven by the feeling of helplessness that still haunts her, Thea is one of the most respected and elite kidnap and ransom consultants in the world. So, when her […]



THE COPPER PROMISE Jen Williams ( Headline ( £13.99 For the fifth title in the Hodderscape Review Project, we move into the realms of fantasy with the debut novel from Jen Williams, The Copper Promise, released this month by Headline. Don’t forget to check in to the Review Project site to find out what my […]

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SEASON TO TASTE by Natalie Young

SEASON TO TASTE or HOW TO EAT YOUR HUSBAND Natalie Young Tinder Press ( £12.99 She cleaned the nails with a nailbrush, rinsing in the sink; and then she brushed the skin with an oil brush to give it a good crisp. She rubbed all over the hand with olive oil and salt and then […]

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The 2013 Round-Up

And so, once more, to the end of the year and the requisite retrospective of my reading habits over the past twelve months here at Reader Dad. Regular visitors and Twitter followers will know that 2013 has been a year full of ups and downs (more downs, unfortunately, than ups) for me, what with five […]

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THE SILENT WIFE by A.S.A. Harrison

THE SILENT WIFE A.S.A. Harrison ( Headline ( £12.99 Jodi and Todd have been together for over 20 years. Todd, a self-made man, is prone to dalliance while Jodi, a part-time psychologist, has always been happy to turn a blind eye in order to maintain the status quo. This time, things are different. This time […]

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CONTROL POINT (SHADOW OPS: Book One) Myke Cole ( Headline ( £7.99 In the aftermath of the Great Reawakening, the world is a different place. Magic has returned, and people across the globe are turning up Latent, Manifesting in any one of a handful of schools of magic. Those who Manifest in the legal schools […]

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