GOOD NEIGHBOURS Sarah Langan ( Titan Books ( £8.99 The Wildes – Arlo and Gertie and their kids, Julia and Larry – are the latest addition to Maple Street, a quiet Garden City crescent bordering a six-acre park. They fit in reasonably well, the kids joining the Rat Pack – as the street’s children call […]

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RAZORBLADE TEARS S. A. Cosby Headline ( £18.99 Isaac “Ike” Randolph is in mourning following the violent death of his son, Isiah. Ike has much to mourn, given the strained nature of their relationship, caused by Ike’s inability to accept that his son was gay. Now, having been gunned down with his husband, it’s too […]

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RAGE by Richard Bachman

RAGE Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman ( Currently unavailable Today is the day that Charles Everett Decker is going to “get it on.” Charlie, as he’s known by those around him, arrives at his early-morning algebra class with his father’s pistol and a pocketful of ammunition. After shooting dead his teacher, he takes his […]

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THE WHOLE TRUTH by Cara Hunter

THE WHOLE TRUTH Cara Hunter Penguin Books ( £7.99 A sexual assault and harassment complaint seems an unusual case to land on Detective Inspector Adam Fawley’s desk, but that’s where it ends up. A university student’s word against a well-respected professor. Except there’s a twist. Strapping rugby player Caleb Morgan claims that the diminutive Marina […]

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THE FALL OF KOLI (The Rampart Trilogy, Book 3) M. R. Carey Orbit Books ( £9.99 And so Koli Faceless – who we’ve known by many names over the course of his tale: Woodsmith, Rampart, Witless – and his friends come to the source of the broadcast claiming to be the Sword of Albion. From […]

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LATER by Stephen King

LATER Stephen King ( Hard Case Crime ( £8.99 Looking back on it, I sometimes think my life was like a Dickens novel, only with swearing. From a young age Jamie Conklin has been able to see dead people. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell, because they don’t look like anyone’s conventional idea of a ghost, […]

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LIGHT OF THE JEDI by Charles Soule

LIGHT OF THE JEDI (Star Wars: The High Republic) Charles Soule ( Del Rey ( £20.00 An unheard-of tragedy in hyperspace destroys a starship carrying thousands of Republic citizens to their new homes in the Outer Rim, and raining deadly shrapnel on various star systems. As the Republic and the Jedi struggle to stop these […]

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THE BOOK OF KOLI (THE RAMPART TRILOGY BOOK 1) M.R. Carey Orbit Books ( £8.99 In the distant future, the world has been ravaged by climate change and generations of genetically modified flora and fauna have begun to fight back. The remainder of the human population survive in walled villages, cut off from each other […]

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