THOSE ABOVE by Daniel Polansky

THOSE ABOVE (The Empty Throne Book 1) Daniel Polansky ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £18.99 It is almost thirty years since the war between mankind and Those Above, the godlike creatures who live at the top of the great mountain city, The Roost. Now, as the warlike Aelerian people contemplate breaking the truce that has […]

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THE COPPER PROMISE Jen Williams ( Headline ( £13.99 For the fifth title in the Hodderscape Review Project, we move into the realms of fantasy with the debut novel from Jen Williams, The Copper Promise, released this month by Headline. Don’t forget to check in to the Review Project site to find out what my […]

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THE LEAGUE OF SHARKS David Logan ( Quercus ( £6.99 Junk Doyle was twelve years old when his mother stopped loving him. When he is twelve years old, a strange-looking giant of a man sneaks into Colin "Junk" Doyle’s home and abducts his six-year-old sister, Ambeline. His parents find him at a nearby cliff top, […]

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FEARIE TALES by Stephen Jones

FEARIE TALES: STORIES OF THE GRIMM AND GRUESOME Edited by Stephen Jones ( Illustrated by Alan Lee Jo Fletcher Books ( £14.99 For most of us, the fairy tale is one of the staples of growing up. Bedtime stories for young children, it’s only when we reach adulthood that we realise just how disturbing they […]

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