THE WOLF MILE by C. F. Barrington

THE WOLF MILE Book One of The Pantheon C. F. Barrington ( Ad Astra / Head of Zeus ( £8.99 Buy a copy from your favourite bookshop. Tyler Maitland has been searching for his sister, Morgan, since she disappeared – seemingly into thin air – a year earlier. Lana Cameron has been searching for meaning […]

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GOLDEN SON by Pierce Brown

GOLDEN SON Pierce Brown ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £16.99 Two years after his victory at the Institute, Darrow au Andromedus, the Red who now lives the life of a Gold, is on the cusp of repeating the trick at the Academy, and gaining command of a fleet of Gold vessels. It is a surprise […]

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BARRICADE by Jon Wallace

BARRICADE Jon Wallace ( Gollancz ( £14.99 In the near future, humans create the Ficials, an engineered race of post-humans who are designed – optimised – for specific tasks, and who are virtually indestructible. Under the central command of Control, the Ficials rise against their human creators, and begin a country-wide cull. Following a nuclear […]

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THE ABOMINABLE Dan Simmons ( Sphere ( £18.99 George Leigh Mallory and his climbing partner Andrew Irvine disappeared on the North-East Ridge of Mount Everest in early June 1924. A couple of days later, another Englishman, Lord Percival Bromley – not officially part of Mallory’s expedition – disappeared from the same location along with a […]

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An Interview with SIMON TOYNE

Photograph © Toby Madden Name: SIMON TOYNE Author of: SANCTUS (2011)                  THE KEY (2012) On the web: On Twitter: @sjtoyne Simon Toyne’s career began in television, where he was a successful screenwriter and producer for over fifteen years. In 2011 HarperCollins published his first novel, Sanctus, an edge-of-the-seat apocalyptic thriller which, despite the […]

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GUEST POST: Justin Cronin Reads from THE TWELVE (Video)

Photograph © Julie Soefer Name: JUSTIN CRONIN Author of: A SHORT HISTORY OF THE LONG BALL (1990)                  MARY AND O’NEIL (2001)                  THE SUMMER GUEST (2004)                  THE PASSAGE (2010)                  THE TWELVE (2012) On the web: On Twitter: @jccronin I’m very pleased to welcome Justin Cronin to Reader Dad today. Cronin’s breakthrough […]

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