LATER by Stephen King

LATER Stephen King ( Hard Case Crime ( £8.99 Looking back on it, I sometimes think my life was like a Dickens novel, only with swearing. From a young age Jamie Conklin has been able to see dead people. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell, because they don’t look like anyone’s conventional idea of a ghost, […]

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INSCAPE by Louise Carey

INSCAPE Louise Carey( Gollancz ( £14.99 In the future, London is run by giant corporations. Less like a city and more like a series of campuses, everyone who lives in the city is affiliated with one “Corp” or other, while those who live outside in the Unaffiliated Zone are seen as outcasts at best, dangerous […]

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DON’T TURN AROUND by Jessica Barry

DON’T TURN AROUND Jessica Barry Harvill Secker ( £14.99 Cait volunteers for an organisation that helps women when they are most in need. Tonight, Cait’s job is to collect Rebecca from her fancy home in Lubbock, Texas and drive her the 300 miles through the night to Albuquerque, New Mexico, then bring her home safely […]

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WE BEGIN AT THE END by Chris Whitaker

WE BEGIN AT THE END Chris Whitaker  Zaffre Books ( £14.99 Walker has been Cape Haven’s Chief of Police for over twenty years. In the sleepy California coastal town, his job consists mainly of being nice to tourists, and keeping an eye on his old friend Star Radley and her two kids: thirteen-year-old Duchess and […]

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