EMILY ETERNAL M.G. Wheaton Hodder & Stoughton (www.hodder.co.uk) £14.99 The sun is dying. Five billion years earlier than scientists believed it should, it looks set to wipe out all life on the planet Earth. Emily is an artificial consciousness, a university experiment designed to help humans process trauma. When her creator discovers a way in […]

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SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY [EXPANDED EDITION] Mur Lafferty (murverse.com) Century (www.penguin.co.uk) £20.00 Han and Qi’ra have grown up in a life of poverty and crime on Corellia, a world known for its distinctive starships. Part of Lady Proxima’s gang, these scrumrats earn their living through petty crime in the world’s seedy underbelly. When Han […]

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EXTRACT: SALVATION by Peter F. Hamilton

SALVATION Peter F. Hamilton Pan Macmillan (www.panmacmillan.com) £20.00 Earth Calling Drifting through interstellar space, three light-years out from the star 31 Aquilae, the Neána abode cluster picked up a series of short, faint electromagnetic pulses that lasted intermittently for eighteen years. The early signatures were familiar to the Neána, and faintly worrying: nuclear fission detonations, […]

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THE HAND OF AN ANGEL Mark Brownless (www.markbrownless.com) £1.99 Prologue 2013 Eighth International Congress of Clinical Psychology, Granada, Spain The printed A3 sheet clipped to a folding stand outside the lecture theatre announced the afternoon sessions. Shortlist lecture series: Elspeth Dickson Award for New Research Areas A list of research papers and their presenting authors […]

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SHATTERMOON Dominic Dulley (dominicdulley.com) Jo Fletcher Books (www.jofletcherbooks.com) £16.99 MENDER Consciousness returned slowly. At first the familiar throb of a ship’s mass-inversion drive made Orry think she was in her cabin, but the smell wasn’t right. There was an antiseptic odour that brought to mind a hospital, but it was fighting with something earthier, a […]

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GUEST POST: Who is Elyse Martingale? by MATTHEW BLAKSTAD

Name: MATTHEW BLAKSTAD Author of: SOCKPUPPET (2016) LUCKY GHOST (2017) On the web: www.matthewblakstad.com On Twitter: @mattblak Ah, yes: Professor Elyse Martingale. Doyenne of Britain’s post-war computing revolution. Political radical and scourge of the state. Inspiration to a new generation of 21st century hacktivists. Surely you know all about Elyse Martingale? What’s that? You’ve never heard of […]

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LUCKY GHOST by Matthew Blakstad

LUCKY GHOST Matthew Blakstad (www.matthewblakstad.com) Hodder & Stoughton (www.hodder.co.uk) £16.99 Welcome to the Strange, an augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm. Through Encounters, the Strange matches participants together, giving them tasks to complete, which is why Alex Kubelick finds herself slapping a complete stranger in the face one morning. Completing tasks […]

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An Interview With DAVE HUTCHINSON by George Sandison

2084 Unsung Stories (unsungstories.co.uk) Currently on Kickstarter: unsungstories.co.uk/2084 Indie publisher Unsung Stories are currently running a Kickstarter project to fund the release of 2084, an anthology of dystopian fiction from some of the biggest names in the genre. Fully funded within the first 24 hours, the anthology is now heading towards its third stretch goal. […]

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