THE SNOW GIRLS by Chris Mooney

THE SNOW GIRLS Chris Mooney ( Penguin ( £7.99 Mickey Flynn’s six-year-old daughter disappeared eleven years ago while sledding in the centre of the Massachusetts town of Belham, and while Mickey was supposed to be watching her. Now divorced and struggling with alcoholism, Mickey is still finding it difficult to accept the fact that Claire […]

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SCORN by Paul Hoffman

SCORN Paul Hoffman ( Red Opera () £18.99 Aaron Gall is a scientist whose childhood is overshadowed by a series of Catholic schools where he suffered physical and mental abuse, as well as countless perceived slights, at the hands of a succession of priests and nuns who were seemingly untouchable and infallible. When an accident […]

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BROKEN ANGELS by Graham Masterton

BROKEN ANGELS Graham Masterton ( Head of Zeus ( £16.99 The body of a priest is found in a river just outside Cork. He has been tortured, castrated and bound with harp wire before dying. Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire of the Cork Guardai picks up the case and discovers that the dead priest is one […]

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THE KEY by Simon Toyne

THE KEY Simon Toyne ( HarperCollins ( £12.99 Released: 12th April 2012 Regular visitors may remember that around this time last year, I reviewed Simon Toyne’s debut novel, the wonderful thriller, Sanctus. I liked it so much that it ended up on my best of the year list. So it was with that all-too-familiar mix […]

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