GUEST POST: What is Crime Fiction by LEIGH RUSSELL

Name: LEIGH RUSSELL Author of: COLD SACRIFICE (2013)                  RACE TO DEATH (2014) On the web: On Twitter: @LeighRussell Readers in the UK know me as an author of crime fiction, while for readers in the US I write murder mysteries. All the labels, classifications, categories and subcategories, are very confusing. Should I introduce […]

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IRÈNE by Pierre Lemaitre

IRÈNE Pierre Lemaitre ( Translated by Frank Wynne ( MacLehose Press ( £16.99 Released: 13th March 2014 Commandant Camille Verhœven’s team are called to the scene of a grisly murder in a well-appointed apartment set in the middle of a largely deserted industrial estate. Two women have, quite literally, been torn apart and the only […]

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An Interview With SIMON LELIC

Photograph © Kate Eshelby Name:           SIMON LELIC Author of:    RUPTURE (2010)                     THE FACILITY (2011)                     THE CHILD WHO (2012) On the web: On Twitter:  @simon_lelic Simon Lelic burst onto the crime fiction scene in early 2010 with his, frankly, stunning novel, Rupture, the story of a police officer’s investigation into a horrific school […]

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