EXTRACT: SALVATION by Peter F. Hamilton

SALVATION Peter F. Hamilton Pan Macmillan (www.panmacmillan.com) £20.00 Earth Calling Drifting through interstellar space, three light-years out from the star 31 Aquilae, the Neána abode cluster picked up a series of short, faint electromagnetic pulses that lasted intermittently for eighteen years. The early signatures were familiar to the Neána, and faintly worrying: nuclear fission detonations, […]

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GOODHOUSE by Peyton Marshall

GOODHOUSE Peyton Marshall (www.peytonmarshall.com) Doubleday (www.randomhouse.co.uk) £14.99 In a near-future America, the genetic markers for violence and criminal behaviour have been identified, and the male relatives of anyone who has ever been charged with committing a crime are tested shortly after birth. Those found to possess the same genetic makeup as their criminal forebears are […]

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THE LEAGUE OF SHARKS David Logan (davidloganwriter.com) Quercus (www.quercusbooks.co.uk) £6.99 Junk Doyle was twelve years old when his mother stopped loving him. When he is twelve years old, a strange-looking giant of a man sneaks into Colin "Junk" Doyle’s home and abducts his six-year-old sister, Ambeline. His parents find him at a nearby cliff top, […]

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