PERFIDIA by James Ellroy

PERFIDIA James Ellroy ( William Heinemann (…/william-heinemann) £18.99 December 6th, 1941: four members of a Japanese family living in Los Angeles are found dead in their home in what, at first glance, appears to be a ritual Japanese suicide. Hideo Ashida, the only Japanese employee of the Los Angeles Police Department, finds evidence that suggests […]

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IN HER BLOOD by Annie Hauxwell

IN HER BLOOD Annie Hauxwell ( William Heinemann (…/william-heinemann) £12.99 Catherine Berlin is an investigator for the Financial Services Authority, working as part of a task force whose remit is to clamp down on London’s illegal loan shark businesses. Working with an informant she knows only as ‘Juliet Bravo’, Berlin continues an investigation into East […]

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ANGELMAKER by Nick Harkaway

ANGELMAKER Nick Harkaway ( William Heinemann ( £12.99 Every so often, I run across a book that catches me completely by surprise; a book that I picked up on a whim, having never heard of it before, that strikes a chord and immediately becomes a firm favourite. Nick Harkaway’s first novel, The Gone-Away World, was […]

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