An Interview with SETH PATRICK

Name: SETH PATRICK Author of: REVIVER (2013) On the web: On Twitter: @SethPatrickUK A native Northern Irishman living in England, Seth Patrick is an Oxford mathematics graduate who now works as a programmer in a games company. His first novel, Reviver, was recently published by Macmillan. Thank you, Seth, for taking the time to […]

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An Interview with JAMES P. BLAYLOCK

Name: JAMES P. BLAYLOCK Author of: THE DIGGING LEVIATHAN (1984)                  HOMUNCULUS (1986)                  LORD KELVIN’S MACHINE (1992)                  THE AYLESFORD SKULL (2012) On the web: To celebrate the release of James P. Blaylock’s latest novel, The Aylesford Skull (my review will be available later this week, so do please check back), his publisher, […]

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An Interview with SIMON TOYNE

Photograph © Toby Madden Name: SIMON TOYNE Author of: SANCTUS (2011)                  THE KEY (2012) On the web: On Twitter: @sjtoyne Simon Toyne’s career began in television, where he was a successful screenwriter and producer for over fifteen years. In 2011 HarperCollins published his first novel, Sanctus, an edge-of-the-seat apocalyptic thriller which, despite the […]

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An Interview With Samit Basu

Name:     SAMIT BASU Author of:     THE GAMEWORLD TRILOGY (2004 – 2007)                      TERROR ON THE TITANIC (2010)                      TURBULENCE (2010 / 2012 in the UK) On the web: On Twitter:     @samitbasu Samit Basu is the author of five novels, all of which have been published in his native India. The publication of his first […]

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An Interview With SIMON LELIC

Photograph © Kate Eshelby Name:           SIMON LELIC Author of:    RUPTURE (2010)                     THE FACILITY (2011)                     THE CHILD WHO (2012) On the web: On Twitter:  @simon_lelic Simon Lelic burst onto the crime fiction scene in early 2010 with his, frankly, stunning novel, Rupture, the story of a police officer’s investigation into a horrific school […]

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