INFLUENCES: Japanese Influences by MARK EDWARDS

MARK EDWARDS Author of: THE LUCKY ONES (2017)                       THE DEVIL’S WORK (2016)                       FOLLOW YOU HOME (2015) On the web: On Twitter: @mredwards I lived in Japan for a year, back in the early noughties, teaching ‘English conversation’. This involved sitting in a cubicle with three or four people – salarymen and schoolgirls, […]

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THE INVESTIGATION Jung-Myung Lee Translated by Chi-Young Kim ( Mantle ( £16.99 Fukuoka Prison, shortly after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour, is used for the incarceration of, amongst others, dissidents and those of anti-Japanese tendencies. For the most part , these people are Koreans, a race whose language has been outlawed and whose culture […]

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