LIKE THIS, FOR EVER by Sharon Bolton

LIKE THIS, FOR EVER Sharon Bolton ( Corgi ( £6.99 Barney Roberts is 11 years old and obsessed with two things: finding his mother, who walked out on him and his father while Barney was still too young to have much of a memory of her; and understanding the series of murders of five London […]

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MAYHEM by Sarah Pinborough

MAYHEM Sarah Pinborough ( Jo Fletcher Books ( £14.99 It is October 1888 and the people of London are already reeling from the series of murders committed by the man who has styled himself “Jack the Ripper”. When the rotting torso of a young woman is found in the vault of the building site that […]

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AN AGENT OF DECEIT by Chris Morgan Jones

AN AGENT OF DECEIT Chris Morgan Jones ( Pan Books ( £7.99 There seems to be cyclic nature to the popularity of certain, seemingly long-dead, genres. In recent years we have seen upsurges in the popularity of westerns and pirates, for example, while the most recent rebirth, helped along greatly by Tomas Alfredson’s big screen […]

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IN HER BLOOD by Annie Hauxwell

IN HER BLOOD Annie Hauxwell ( William Heinemann (…/william-heinemann) £12.99 Catherine Berlin is an investigator for the Financial Services Authority, working as part of a task force whose remit is to clamp down on London’s illegal loan shark businesses. Working with an informant she knows only as ‘Juliet Bravo’, Berlin continues an investigation into East […]

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ANNO DRACULA by Kim Newman

ANNO DRACULA Kim Newman ( Titan Books ( £7.99 Is there a more interesting and populated place and time in recent history than London in the twilight years of the nineteenth century? Peopled by a huge cast of people real and fictional, it is a location and period ripe with opportunity and ideas for any […]

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