DARK STAR by Oliver Langmead

DARK STAR Oliver Langmead Unsung Stories (www.unsungstories.co.uk) £9.99 Prometheus, resident wonder-drug; Pro’, Promo’, ’Theus, liquid-fucking-light; Prohibited by city law and shot By yours truly, Virgil Yorke, hero cop. Virgil Yorke is a Vox Police Detective, assigned to the case of Vivian North, a young lady found dead in the city’s back alleys, her veins glowing […]

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THE INVESTIGATION Jung-Myung Lee Translated by Chi-Young Kim (www.chiyoungkim.com) Mantle (www.panmacmillan.com) £16.99 Fukuoka Prison, shortly after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour, is used for the incarceration of, amongst others, dissidents and those of anti-Japanese tendencies. For the most part , these people are Koreans, a race whose language has been outlawed and whose culture […]

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