FEARIE TALES by Stephen Jones

FEARIE TALES: STORIES OF THE GRIMM AND GRUESOME Edited by Stephen Jones (www.stephenjoneseditor.com) Illustrated by Alan Lee Jo Fletcher Books (www.jofletcherbooks.com) £14.99 For most of us, the fairy tale is one of the staples of growing up. Bedtime stories for young children, it’s only when we reach adulthood that we realise just how disturbing they […]

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FORTRESS FRONTER (SHADOW OPS: Book Two) Myke Cole (mykecole.com) Headline (www.headline.co.uk) £7.99 Colonel Alan Bookbinder, a Pentagon-based paper-pusher, wakes from a nightmare to the feeling that he is drowning. Before the day is out, it is clear that Colonel Bookbinder has come up Latent, though he has not yet Manifested any particular powers. Surrendering himself […]

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CONTROL POINT (SHADOW OPS: Book One) Myke Cole (mykecole.com) Headline (www.headline.co.uk) £7.99 In the aftermath of the Great Reawakening, the world is a different place. Magic has returned, and people across the globe are turning up Latent, Manifesting in any one of a handful of schools of magic. Those who Manifest in the legal schools […]

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