SEVENEVES by Neal Stephenson

SEVENEVES Neal Stephenson ( The Borough Press ( £20.00 The moon blew up without warning and for no apparent reason. It was waxing, only one day short of full. The time was 05:03:12 UTC. Later it would be designated A+0.0.0, or simply Zero. An unknown Agent has split the moon into seven pieces, which remain […]

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THE BEAUTY by Aliya Whiteley

THE BEAUTY Aliya Whiteley ( Unsung Stories ( £9.99 The Group have made the Valley of the Rocks their home. Each of them has a role to play: William, the leader; Ben, the doctor; Nathan, the storyteller and keeper of the Group’s history. Like every other settlement on the planet, the Group is made up […]

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THE THREE by Sarah Lotz

THE THREE Sarah Lotz ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £14.99 They’re here…The boy watch the boy watch the dead people oh Lordy there’s so many…They’re coming for me now. We’re all going soon…Pastor Len warn them that the boy he’s not to- It was the day that would become known as Black Thursday, the day […]

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BARRICADE by Jon Wallace

BARRICADE Jon Wallace ( Gollancz ( £14.99 In the near future, humans create the Ficials, an engineered race of post-humans who are designed – optimised – for specific tasks, and who are virtually indestructible. Under the central command of Control, the Ficials rise against their human creators, and begin a country-wide cull. Following a nuclear […]

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GUEST POST: Four Methods of Travel in BARRICADE: Kenstibec’s Guide by JON WALLACE

Name: JON WALLACE Author of: BARRICADE (2014) On the web: On Twitter: @Jon__Wallace Kenstibec is the main character in Barricade. He is a member of the ‘Ficial’ race, a breed of merciless super-humans optimised for soldiering, engineering and other vital roles. They fought a war against humanity and turned Britain into a wasteland. Now […]

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BIRD BOX by Josh Malerman

BIRD BOX Josh Malerman Harper Voyager ( £14.99 Malorie hasn’t seen outside the house where she lives with her two four-year-old children since six months before they were born. There are creatures outside, creatures who, if you look at them, will drive you into a murderous rage that will ultimately end in your own suicide. […]

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