Extract: TIME TO WIN by Harry Brett

TIME TO WIN Harry Brett (www.henrysutton.co.uk/harry-brett) Corsair (www.littlebrown.co.uk) £16.99 There was a time when the sound of rain was comforting, calming. Now it pissed her off. It was autumn already, she remembered. September 1. It was not her favourite month. She let the patter swirl around her head for another few minutes, realising she was […]

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An Interview With DAVE HUTCHINSON by George Sandison

2084 Unsung Stories (unsungstories.co.uk) Currently on Kickstarter: unsungstories.co.uk/2084 Indie publisher Unsung Stories are currently running a Kickstarter project to fund the release of 2084, an anthology of dystopian fiction from some of the biggest names in the genre. Fully funded within the first 24 hours, the anthology is now heading towards its third stretch goal. […]

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An Interview with ANTONIN VARENNE

Name: ANTONIN VARENNE Author of: BED OF NAILS (2012)                       LOSER’S CORNER (2014)                       RETRIBUTION ROAD (2017) Antonin Varenne was awarded the Prix Michel Lebrun and the Grand Prix du Jury Sang d’encre for Bed of Nails, his first novel to be translated into English. His second, Loser’s Corner was awarded the Prix des Lecteurs […]

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RETRIBUTION ROAD by Antonin Varenne

RETRIBUTION ROAD Antonin Varenne Translated by Sam Taylor (samtaylorwriter.wixsite.com/sam-taylor-writer) MacLehose Press (www.maclehosepress.com) £18.99 Sergeant Arthur Bowman is a fifteen-year veteran of the East India Company’s private army when he and his team are taken prisoner in Burma in 1852. Six months of torture leave him mentally and physically scarred when he is released along with […]

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An Interview with SIMON BECKETT

Name: SIMON BECKETT Author of: THE CHEMISTRY OF DEATH (2006)                       WRITTEN IN BONE (2007)                       WHISPERS OF THE DEAD (2009)                       THE CALLING OF THE GRAVE (2010)                       THE RESTLESS DEAD (2017) On the web: http://www.simonbeckett.com On Twitter: @BeckettSimon To celebrate the release of Simon Beckett’s fifth Dr David Hunter novel, The Restless Dead, […]

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GUEST POST: World Building in the RELICS Universe by Tim Lebbon

Name: TIM LEBBON Author of: COLDBROOK (2012)                       THE HUNT (2015)                       RELICS (2017) On the web: http://www.timlebbon.net On Twitter: @timlebbon I love world building. A few years ago I wrote a series of fantasy novels for Bantam in the USA, and also a couple for Orbit in the UK. Four of these––the Noreela novels––all […]

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RELICS by Tim Lebbon

RELICS Tim  Lebbon (www.timlebbon.net) Titan Books (titanbooks.com) £7.99 Angela Gough’s life is happy and normal until the day her boyfriend, Vince, leaves for work and doesn’t come back. Mysterious notes through the door, which may be in his handwriting tell her to stay away, not to look for him, but Angela isn’t about to let […]

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