LOST YOU by Haylen Beck

LOST YOU Haylen Beck (www.haylenbeck.com) Harvill Secker (www.penguin.co.uk) £14.99 Libby has decided on a well-deserved holiday and finds herself, with her three-year-old son Ethan, relaxing by the many pools of a resort complex on Florida’s gulf coast. When she befriends a married couple, one of whom takes an immediate shine to the precocious Ethan, Libby […]

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BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT Gary Bell & Scott Kershaw Raven Books (www.bloomsbury.com) £12.99   Elliot Rook, Queen’s Counsel, is one of the greatest barristers practicing in Britain. Rarely beaten in the courtroom, Rook has a gift for proving guilty men innocent, and little in the way of a conscience to prevent him from doing his best […]



EMILY ETERNAL M.G. Wheaton Hodder & Stoughton (www.hodder.co.uk) £14.99 The sun is dying. Five billion years earlier than scientists believed it should, it looks set to wipe out all life on the planet Earth. Emily is an artificial consciousness, a university experiment designed to help humans process trauma. When her creator discovers a way in […]

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NO WAY OUT by Cara Hunter

NO WAY OUT Cara Hunter Penguin Books (www.penguin.co.uk) £7.99 A house fire in an upmarket area of North Oxford leads to the gruesome discovery of two dead children. There is no sign of their mother, and their father – who was in London at a conference – isn’t answering his phone, or responding to any […]

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THE FIRE STARTERS Jan Carson (jancarsonwrites.wordpress.com) Doubleday Ireland £14.99     It’s a hot summer in East Belfast and, as the Twelfth of July looms, tensions begin to rise as high as the bonfires dotted around this part of the city. When Stormont imposed a thirty feet height limit on the Eleventh Night bonfires, it […]

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SHE LIES IN WAIT by Gytha Lodge

SHE LIES IN WAIT Gytha Lodge Michael Joseph (www.penguin.co.uk) £12.99 Late summer 1983 and six friends, on the cusp of adulthood, go camping in the forest. Star pupils, this is their last chance for a blow-out before they enter the realms of real life. Aurora Jackson is fourteen, and feels privileged to have been invited […]

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THE CAPITAL by Robert Menasse

  THE CAPITAL Robert Menasse Translated by Jamie Bulloch MacLehose Press (www.maclehosepress.com) £15 There’s a pig on the loose! And so begins one of the strangest, most enjoyable books you’ll come across this year. Part crime story, part examination of the different bodies that make up the European Union, all satire that totters, at times, […]

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