This month sees the cinematic release of The Girl in the Spider’s Web, adapted from David Lagercrantz’s 2015 followu-up to Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. This time Claire Foy takes on the role of the iconic Lisbeth Salander while Icelandic-Swedish actor Sverrir Gudnason will play Mikael Blomkvist. To celebrate, the publishers of the Millennium books across […]


STRANGE INK by Gary Kemble

STRANGE INK Gary Kemble ( Titan Books ( £7.99 Harry Hendrick has been working the same dead-end job for twenty years, recycling the same handful of stories over and over again for the local weekly newspaper. One morning Harry wakes up with a bad hangover and a strange tattoo on the back of his neck. […]

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SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY [EXPANDED EDITION] Mur Lafferty ( Century ( £20.00 Han and Qi’ra have grown up in a life of poverty and crime on Corellia, a world known for its distinctive starships. Part of Lady Proxima’s gang, these scrumrats earn their living through petty crime in the world’s seedy underbelly. When Han […]

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INHUMAN RESOURCES by Pierre Lemaitre

INHUMAN RESOURCES Pierre Lemaitre Translated by Sam Gordon MacLehose Press ( £16.99 At the age of fifty-seven, HR manager Alain Delambre finds himself more on less on life’s scrapheap: made redundant four years previously, Alain has struggled to find suitable work in an extremely competitive market, taking whatever work comes his way so that he […]

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EXTRACT: SALVATION by Peter F. Hamilton

SALVATION Peter F. Hamilton Pan Macmillan ( £20.00 Earth Calling Drifting through interstellar space, three light-years out from the star 31 Aquilae, the Neána abode cluster picked up a series of short, faint electromagnetic pulses that lasted intermittently for eighteen years. The early signatures were familiar to the Neána, and faintly worrying: nuclear fission detonations, […]

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INFLUENCES: Murder Down a Dark Alleyway by TOM CALLAGHAN

Name: TOM CALLAGHAN Author of: A KILLING WINTER (2015)                     A SPRING BETRAYAL (2016)                     A SUMMER REVENGE (2017)                     A WINTER HUNTING (2018) On the web: On Twitter: @tomcwriter I’ve always been a voracious reader, and an indiscriminate one. My bookshelves are like a party where no-one knows anyone else and wonders if […]

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IN THE DARK by Cara Hunter

IN THE DARK Cara Hunter Viking ( £7.99 A crumbling wall leads to a gruesome discovery for a home renovator when he discovers that a young woman and a toddler are trapped in a dark room in the basement of the house next door. The old man who lives in the house, despite his belligerence […]

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