GAME by Anders de la Motte

GAME Anders de la Motte Translated by Neil Smith Blue Door (…/blue-door) £7.99 Released 5th December 2013 When Henrik “HP” Pettersson finds a mobile phone on the train his first thought is how much it might fetch if he tried to sell it. The phone receives a message, addressing HP by name, and he starts […]

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THE TESTIMONY by James Smythe

THE TESTIMONY James Smythe ( Blue Door Books (…/blue-door) £12.99 At first, we thought the noise was just a radio. Suddenly, the whole world is filled with static and, as it dies away, the words My Children. No-one has any idea where the noise has come from, or to whom the voice belongs. Hours later, […]

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SORRY by Zoran Drvenkar

SORRY Zoran Drvenkar ( Translated by Shaun Whiteside Blue Door (…/blue-door) £12.99 I will admit that when I saw the cover of Zoran Drvenkar’s Sorry – the first of the German author’s novels to be translated into English – my first thought was that it was a novel aimed at a young adult audience. What […]

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