GUEST POST: Writing Short Stories by Orlando Ortega-Medina

Name: ORLANDA ORTEGA-MEDINA Author of: JERUSALEM ABLAZE (2017) On the web: On Twitter: OOrtegaMedina To celebrate the launch of his excellent debut short story collection, Jerusalem Ablaze, I’m very pleased to welcome Orlando Ortega-Medina to Reader Dad to talk about writing short stories. I don’t have one specific method of writing the first draft […]

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LYING IN WAIT by Liz Nugent

LYING IN WAIT Liz Nugent ( Penguin Random House ( £12.99 Andrew Fitzsimons is a respected judge in the Dublin Criminal Courts system. He and his reclusive wife have been forced to kill a young woman and her body is now buried in their back garden. While Lydia seems to be in control of the […]

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END OF WATCH by Stephen King

END OF WATCH Stephen King ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £20.00 It has been almost seven years since the City Center Massacre, that fateful April morning when Brady Hartfield drove a grey Mercedes into a crowd of people waiting to attend a job fair in the heartland of recession-struck America. When a worrying trend develops […]

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SAVAGE LANE by Jason Starr

SAVAGE LANE Jason Starr ( No Exit Press ( £6.99 Mark and Deb Berman’s marriage has hit a rough patch: she believes he’s having an affair with their next door neighbour, Karen. That may not be the case, but it doesn’t stop Mark constructing a rich fantasy life for Karen and himself, and the fact […]

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FINDERS KEEPERS Stephen King ( Hodder & Stoughton ( £20.00 “Shit don’t mean shit.” In 1978 reclusive American literary great John Rothstein is murdered in the remote New Hampshire farm where he has spent the past 16 years. His safe is emptied, not only of the cash that he keeps there, but also of 150 […]

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