A Newbury & Hobbes 100-Word Short Story by George Mann


George Mann (georgemann.wordpress.com)

Titan Books (titanbooks.com)


Released: 12th July 2013

To celebrate the release of George Mann’s latest Newbury and Hobbes novel, The Executioner’s Heart, this coming Friday, 12th July, I’m very pleased to offer you a 100-word short story that George has kindly allowed us to host on the blog. Think of it as a taster for the series, and enjoy! The Reader Dad review will appear soon.

“There’s a woman,” said the Queen, “who is proving to be something of a thorn in our side.” She emitted a wet, spluttering cough, and Newbury saw a trickle of blood ooze from the corner of her mouth. She dabbed it away. The bellows of her life-giving apparatus sighed noisily as they laboured to inflate her diseased lungs.

“A foreign agent?” asked Newbury.

“Perhaps,” murmured the Queen. “Perhaps not. She operates under the alias ‘Lady Arkwell’. It is imperative that you locate her and bring her to us.”

“What has she done?” enquired Newbury.

“Ignored our invitation,” replied Victoria, darkly.

About the book:

A serial killer is loose on the streets of London, murdering apparently random members of the gentry with violent abandon. The corpses are each found with their chest cavities cracked open and their hearts removed. It is clear some new and strange contraption is being used to affect this procedure. Charles Bainbridge, Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, suspects an occult significance to the crimes and brings Newbury and Veronica in to investigate.

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