Celebrating #CarrieAt40


April 5th 2014, 40 days from now, marks the 40th anniversary of the original publication of Stephen King’s first novel, Carrie. As a lifelong fan of King’s work, I can’t let this publishing landmark go past without comment. So, to celebrate, I have asked some friends to tell me what Carrie in particular, or the works of Stephen King in general, mean to them. Expect to hear from authors inspired by King’s work; die-hard fans whose reading has been shaped by forty years of the man’s work, amounting to over fifty novels and countless short stories; and even some people from the publishing industry, who will have their own unique perspective on what Carrie means to genre fiction as a whole.

The first post will go live on Reader Dad around April 1st, and a new post will be added daily until we run out of opinions. We’ll be running giveaways in parallel, so be sure to keep checking back throughout the celebrations. On April 5th, Reader Dad will be posting a review of the book in question, as well as links to reviews written by other bloggers who have agreed to take part.

We hope you’ll join us, and take this opportunity to (re)read a book that, whether we like it or not, changed the face of genre publishing for the better. If you’d like to take part, drop me an email.

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