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Stephen King is of course a deity of the horror/suspense/scifi/fantasy fiction world, ok, maybe just of the world in general. I will fully admit that until 2009 I was only aware of SK’s work due to film adaptations. My first experience of which was watching Misery at the 13th birthday party of my secondary school crush. Then of course there is the iconic Green Mile, hugely quotable The Shining and truly terrifying It.


under-the-dome2But let’s move on to his books, which let’s face it, is why you are reading this! The first SK book I read was Under The Dome and it really wasn’t what I expected. To see SK write in the realms of scifi was a shock to me, as I’d never really associated him with the genre, but what a cracker it was! It’s an epic novel, in both its physicality and content. It kept me gripped and on the edge of my seat and even inspired me to create an opening sequence for it if it was ever adapted for TV or film. It has now been adapted for TV and I’m sorry to say I gave up on it after two episodes. I didn’t get the feeling that it was doing the book justice and I REALLY didn’t want it to ruin my first SK experience (in its written form).


Full Dark, No Stars is the next SK read of mine that springs to mind. It’s a collection of short stories and I was reading it whilst away with work. I was chilling in my hotel room, all on my lonesome and some of the stories scared the absolute crap out of me! As I’ve gotten older, it has started to take more and more for a book to scare me, but this did it. Before that it had been Tess Gerritsen writing about a guy who would climb through the open windows at night time of flats belonging to single women in their 20s and kill them. I couldn’t sleep with my window open at all that summer and I’m shocked I didn’t die of over heating. Anyway, I digress.


My most recent SK read has been Joyland and by gum it was spiffing. Another totally different style and genre from the man once again! I do wonder if SK’s talents know any bounds. He turns his pen from genre to genre, to genre and back again with smooth skill and finesse. His books have something to capture all and surely this is clear from his sheer volume of work, the great acclaim in which so much of it stands and the numerous adaptations to other media.


As part of this celebration of Stephen King and the Carrie anniversary, I’m now making it my mission to read the book. I’ve got it in my possession and have a 10 hour flight to make soon which seems like prime reading time to me. (Also, surely I’ll be safe from Carrie on the plane with all those people). I’ll also of course, review it on my blog.


As a final note I’d like to thank Mr C for getting me involved in this. It’s put my brain to work and I’m looking forward to reading other people’s thoughts!


Happy Reading


Book Geek

Book Geek has always been surrounded by books and has been reviewing on her blog since 2010. She loves every minute of it as it introduces her to authors, books and genres that she never would have usually chosen to read. Now, BG will read pretty much any thing and everything and is never afraid to give her honest opinion. When not reading, BG can be found at work, as editor an oil and gas magazine, or in the gym (where she actually does read with aid of her Kindle), or in the pub (where she again reads books when waiting for friends, or most often Boy Geek). She is soon to embark on a new adventure to Wimbledon with Boy Geek.

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