#WhereIsSuzy – DRAGONFISH by Vu Tran


Vu Tran (www.vutranwriter.com)

No Exit Press (www.noexit.co.uk)


To celebrate the release of Vu Tran’s debut literary thriller, Dragonfish, the fine folks at No Exit Press have come up with a fun way to get the community talking about the book. Everything you need is in the description below. My effort is also included. Time to let your creativity off the leash: write something and share it on Twitter using the hashtag #WhereIsSuzy.

The backstory

Robert, an Oakland cop, still can’t let go of Suzy, the enigmatic Vietnamese wife who left him two years ago. Now she’s disappeared from her new husband, Sonny, a violent Vietnamese smuggler and gambler who is blackmailing Robert into finding her for him.

As he pursues her through the sleek and seamy gambling dens of Las Vegas, shadowed by Sonny’s sadistic son, ‘Junior’, and assisted by unexpected and reluctant allies, Robert learns more about his ex-wife than he ever did during their marriage. He finds himself chasing the ghosts of her past, one that reaches back to a refugee camp in Malaysia after the fall of Saigon, and his investigation uncovers the existence of an elusive packet of her secret letters to someone she left behind long ago.

As Robert starts illuminating the dark corners of Suzy’s life, the legacy of her sins threatens to immolate them all.

The challenge

Using only the information of the synopsis above, (though Google’s help might be acceptable) write a blog post in 10 minutes as to where Suzy is. There is no right answer and no need to think about it for more than one minute, instead, we’re seeking to display the creative possibilities of where a story can go.

We’d like to get as many people involved in this as we can in order to provide as many different ideas and outcomes as possible.

Reader Dad’s Attempt

I’ll put you out of your misery at the start: Suzy is dead, buried in the wasteland at the back of Sonny’s house. How did she end up there?

After settling down with Sonny, a surprisingly gentle husband, despite his public face, and his criminal ways, Suzy receives word from a mutual friend back in Vietnam that her old correspondent – a man she loved during their time in the Malaysian refugee camp, and who helped her flee to America – has resurfaced. Thinking him long dead, Suzy contacts him in the hope of reconnecting, all the while feeling guilty about having to deceive Sonny.

Discovering that her old lover is in America, living and working in Las Vegas, she visits him, giving Sonny a flimsy excuse for her trip to Sin City. While she is gone, ‘Junior’ discovers her deception when he accidentally stumbles upon her email account on the computer in his father’s office, the email account she has been using to contact her old friend. When she returns from Las Vegas, Junior confronts her, hoping to gain leverage that will make his father pay more attention to him. When the argument becomes heated, and Suzy turns Junior’s sneakiness to her own advantage, Junior strikes, and kills her. He buries her at the back of the house, and follows Robert on his investigation, doing what he can to confuse the trail the detective is following, a trail that will ultimately lead back to Sonny’s front door.

Now it’s your turn…

Give it a go. Share your story with us on Twitter using the hashtag #WhereIsSuzy.

To see just how diverse the theories can be, check out these other bloggers who have played along:

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